Seriously – you guys rock!

You have been amazing and patient. (And would likely be not surprised my husband describes me lovingly as “not exactly LOW maintenance”) In less than a week, you’ve been able to sell our home at full price and get us under contract on another one that we’re going to love! You made this such an amazing experience. I really appreciated your communication and your clarity of expectations.

Probably, if I were to offer one thing – it would be more about the buyer and less about you. But, many of us are skittish and jittery about the process. I would say, maybe, make a note to contact every two days or so, even just to update that nothing has changed and everything is on track. I am not experienced in this. And, my only other purchase was a foreclosure. So, just sending that reassuring “you are not hanging out there alone” contact.

But, otherwise – seriously – you guys rock! And you let us know that it is as much our responsibility to sell the house as it is yours. That matters. And the clear expectations are so important!

We met – I had contacted you about a house you were selling – – I didn’t have representation yet, as my old realtor had not contacted me back. From there, we met and we signed you.

— Edenmeyers